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Brick & Feather brewery was born as the vision of a husband and wife team in 2015. Lawrence had been working in breweries across the country since 2007, and had always envisioned opening a small, family friendly brewery where he could fully execute a portfolio of beers true to their tastes. After moving to Northampton, the two eventually stumbled across the wonderful building in Turners Falls which the brewery occupies now. The fun little village is a perfect fit for Brick & Feather.

Brick & Feather beers are brewed on a manual 7-barrel system, mostly by hand, by Lawrence and his small staff. We work meticulously to produce beers meeting the highest standards of quality and consistency. Our tasting room crew is incredibly dedicated and passionate about what we do here, and are always happy to chat with interested beer lovers!

Our beers are available throughout Massachusetts, thanks to our distribution partners. We also self-distribute a limited amount of beer to the following locales:


Harvey's, Turners Falls MA

The Moan & Dove, Amherst MA

Share Coffee, Amherst MA

The Drake, Amherst MA

Hope & Olive, Greenfield MA

Magpie Pizza, Greenfield MA

The Dirty Truth, Northampton MA

The Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton MA

Champney's Tavern, Deerfield MA

The Lady Killigrew, Montague MA

North Village Smokehouse, Millers Falls MA

Armsby Abbey, Worcester MA

Row 34, Boston MA

Brewer's Fork, Charlestown MA

Monument, Charlestown MA

Brewers Tap & Table, Waltham MA

Burgundian, Attleboro MA


Cooper's Corner, Florence MA

Atkins Farms Country Market, Amherst MA

Bottle-O, Northampton MA

Provisions, Northampton & Amherst MA

Upper Bend, Turners Falls MA

Julio's Liquors, Westborough MA

McCusker's Market, Shelburne Falls MA

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